Grupa Budus Sp. z o.o.

Our offer but in a narrow range which is insulating buildings (facades, floors, roofs)includes a wide range of products, many manufacturers and polystyrene insulation systems. We are aware that this is only a portion of which offer the Polish market (more than 200 manufacturers of insulation and the same polystyrene). But we tried to representour products to every shelf price - from cheapest to most expensive. So that every customer can find something according to their aspirations and abilities. You will not findhere the materials for which we would have to be ashamed of. Their quality is checked by us to date and all comments are taken very seriously. Since each of the presentedcompanies offer sometimes even hundreds of products, we present a price list only the most important of them, and information about the company. Links to variousmanufacturers make it easier for quick access to the full range of products.