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We offer you a new professional converter. With it can calculate the cost of materialsquickly warming your home, office or other building. To calculate how much they will costthe materials to turn to fill in all fields corresponding to different components of warming and the number of meters docieplanej elevation. If you have upatrzoną company, you can narrow the choice of materials for a specific manufacturer by clicking on its name. Indetermining the thickness of the insulating material will help you to converter available here. An important element of the system is the type of structural plaster which can beread here. Its grain size will affect the final price. Although the same price for 1 kg of plaster thickness of individual consumption vary considerably and will play an importantrole in the final price. When selecting fasteners for insulation, remember that their length should be increased by about 7 - 9 cm thickness of the insulating material. When ordering, our staff will also check all the elements of the system and be rounded up tocomplete packages. Good luck.

System:   Number of square meters:
Material name Usage at 1m² Catalogue price Our price Implementation price of 1
Glue mortar - a mix serving to Styrofoam fixing to the layer underneath
4 kg nd
Self extinguishing Styrofoam
1 m² nd
Thickness cm
Styrofoam joints
4 pieces -
Plastering paste (for covered net)
3.5 kg -
Fibreglass net with welts
1.1 m² -
Primer (isolating)
0.2 kg -
Base cost of a given number of square meters of isolation
Plaster 2.6 kg -
Granulation mm
Cost of a given number of square meters in the system with plaster

Amounts shown in the calculator are estimates. At the individual manufacturers may differ slightly. Also the way the application and type of soil can cause differences in the use ofthese materials.